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Download Process

You can download a spreadsheet and use it freely for as long as you like with minor restrictions as indicated on the Welcome sheet. Once you register (purchase) the spreadsheet, a password will be provided to remove the restrictions.

The spreadsheet download is a Zip file that should be saved to your desktop (or other place where you can easily find it). Once the download is complete, click on the file name and select all of the files. Then select "Extract" and browse to the folder where you would like to store the files stored on your computer. Select "Extract" again to complete the file expansion process.

These spreadsheets have macros to assist you in scheduling. If your Microsoft® Excel® Macro Security is set to Medium or High you will get a Security Warning telling you that the spreadsheet contains macros by Shift Schedules. If you click on the "Details" button you will see that the macros are digitally signed by Shift Schedules indicating that the macro code has not been tampered with after it left a Shift Schedules computer. The code is as safe and trustworthy as it would be if purchased in a shrink-wrapped box from a regular software retail store. If you check the "Always trust macros from this source." box, you will not receive this security warning whenever you open a Shift Schedules spreadsheet. If you are interested in more information about Digital Code Signing Certificates you can visit